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Financial and Strategic Consulting for Creatives

Money Matters,
Let's talk about it.


As a creative, are you...

Living Paycheck to paycheck, even though you make good money?

Having trouble sticking to a budget or saving for retirement?

Ahead financially...but then 3 months later, back where you started? And you just keep repeating this process?

In debt, stressed out, and don’t know where to start?

Avoiding conversations about money with your family, partner, spouse?

Thinking you will NEVER be able to retire?

Ashamed because when you look around, everyone else seems to have it together?

Exhausted and don’t want to live this way anymore?

Wanting more for yourself (and for your family)?

Ready to change?

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1:1 Goal Based Financial & Strategic Coaching

The quick and dirty:

Are you looking to take charge of your finances and set yourself up for financial success?


I'm here to make that journey easier. Whether it's mapping out an effective budget, tackling debt head-on or investing with confidence - together we'll design a tailored plan so you can hit the ground running.


From budgeting basics to investment strategy and entrepreneurial planning, you get personalized guidance and actionable advice so you can reach your financial goals.

The longer version:

Did you know that most financial planners won't event talk to you if you don't have a net worth of at least $250,000? Or perhaps you think you were talking to financial planner but actually they were selling you a product (from which they get a commission?)

I started this business because I want YOU to be in control of your finances and your future. And I think that everyone deserves to have someone on their side to guide them whether they have millions in the bank or whether they are $200,000 in debt. The only skin I have in the games it to help you get ahead. I don't get a percentage of your portfolio and I don't make money off of selling you products you don't need.

Nearing a major milestone in your business? Or starting a new business? Taking your business to the next stage can be overwhelming. I specialize in helping small creative business owners reach their highest potential. With more than 15 years of experience and tailored expertise in the creative fields, I have helped owners build successful businesses photography, grow their brick and mortar businesses, and strategically align their non-profit for growth. 


Are you ready to take control of your finances and your life? Each plan is custom to YOU, because financial plans aren't something you can just copy/paste and expect the same results as someone else.

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We Offer

Personal Finance

Comprehensive Financial Education, including:

Budgeting for your Lifestyle

Tackling Debt

Saving for Retirement

Increasing Savings Rate

Raising Credit Scores

Investment Strategy


Business Strategy

Customized Business Coaching, Consulting, and Mentorship:

Creating a business plan

Strategy Development

Leadership & working with employees

Plus specialized Training in Finances, Marketing, SEO, Social Media,  and Building Additional Revenue Streams

Achieving Financial Goals

Your goals are YOURS, so we plan a plan around your individual needs. Goals might include:


Working towards FIRE

Building Wealth

Annual travel and travel hacking

Family Planning



"People ask how we do it all. And the answer is MM Strategic Advising. We were in a good place financially but didn't quite know what to do with our money. Molly helped us come up with a strategy for our brick and mortar business so we could start paying ourselves TODAY and a personal financial plan so we could save for our son's future with confidence. 

—  Alyssa McKeon — 
Owner of Witching Hour Provisions

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