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Hi, I'm Molly

Business Strategist

Personal Finance Coach

After 20 years managing and leading multi-million dollar arts organizations, including the start-up of my own two successful businesses, an award-winning photography business and a profitable consulting business, I decided my passion was found in helping other creatives not only gain financial control, but thrive in the creative arts.


I am a certified financial coach and graduated from Yale University's School of Drama with a graduate degree in Theater Management. My goal has always been to provide artists with the space to create. And from 2006-2021 that meant managing Broadway Across America tours, leading theatres and arts organizations with budgets from $500K to $4 Million, to overseeing arts education programming initiatives within the state government.


Now it means that I want to help creative individuals and business owners have the freedom to live creative lives with a solid financial footing so that they can create their best work. And my goal is to help 300 individuals and creative business owners get solid when it comes to money and building the lives they want. Talking about money is hard. I make it easier.

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I've been there, thinking:

I’m stressed out, anxious, and overwhelmed by my to-do list. I think I know what to do, but there is so much to do…and in what order? Where can I spend my time that will actually give me returns? How can I grab my time back? How do I find a job that gives me purpose and fulfills my soul?


I’ve had 20K in medical debt. I've felt confused on how to make my budget work. I made financial mistakes like not saving for retirement until my early 30s (heck, I didn’t know that we could save for retirement as artists! Day to day was hard enough!)


I worked with all my heart and soul at a job that ended up getting rid of the core programming that actually gave me life...therefore removing my reason for being at the company. I felt lost and didn’t know where to go, because I no longer had my purpose give to me from an external source...



You can overcome as well.

Harnessing your financial power can be overwhelming - but it doesn't have to be. I'm here to help and ensure that financial success becomes a reality - not just an aspiration. Let's eliminate the fear that often comes with tackling debt and building wealth.


From mapping out a budget tailored specifically for you, formulating an investment strategy, exploring income streams & identifying what income will bring true satisfaction in life— all the way down to building yourself a secure launchpad into entrepreneurship if it's something on your radar— together we'll create plans aligned with who YOU are (not everyone else!). And don't worry about slipping off track; I'll be there along every step of the journey with personalized guidance, check-ins at regular intervals, plus valuable insight from my years as an experienced finance professional and business owner.


For small businesses, you want to work with someone who has a proven track record of taking businesses that are operating in the red and turning them into successful, profitable businesses. And that’s how I made my name in the industry. My expertise has earned me recognition as an industry leader and invitations to speak at national conferences about effective business turnarounds and small business finances. Plus, all business plans include personal finance education, since you need to have solid footing in your personal life to show up as your best self for your business.



To help 300 creatives get solid financial footing and build the businesses of their dreams.



I have the education and training and have done this on a large scale, as the Executive Director running a company with 200+ employees, but also as a small business owner and entrepreneur.


I've Been There

As a small business owner, I went from making 20K in my first year to grossing over 80k the second year working part time in my business.

It's My Passion

Time management, skills, and strategy are key to helping clients do the same. I know what change feels like and want to help you feel the same.

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